Thursday, 10 April 2008

More Bloody Repeats!!!

So, in a repeat of last seasons Champions League Semi Final either Chelsea or Liverpool could face Manure in the final.

Surely it will be the turn of Chelsea to triumph over Liverpool, although this largely depends on Avram Grant's approach to the game. The major advantage is the second leg is at Stamford Bridge. Disadvantages are 1) Avram Grant will probably play a bizarre formation with Cudicini and Cech playing up front 2) Liverpool may have a psychological edge 3) referees seem to like awarding dubious penalties to Liverpool and not giving them against!

That leaves Manure v Barca. Manure seem to bottle it in Europe and on the whole R****y and Ronaldo don't seem to perform enough at this level. I may be proven wrong but I hope not. I think Barca will triumph in this game and also the final whoever they face.

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